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Welcome to Integrity Martial Arts!


  • Always bow when entering or leaving a dojo.

  • If an instructor is speaking, stand in front position or in ready position, and watch & listen.

  • Please sit quietly near the back wall and stretch before class.

  • Be in the dojo at the time your class begins.

  • Please leave all toys, food or water in the lobby.

  • If you need to cross the dojo when a class is in session, go quietly and against the back wall.

  • Only clean martial arts shoes are allowed in the dojo.

  • No jewelry except flat rings allowed in the dojo.

  • Wear a clean gi or IMA T-shirt and karate pants to class. Always bring your belt.


  • Students may only use the dojo to practice during their class times.

  • No gum anywhere in the center.

  • No pets other than seeing eye dogs, etc. allowed in the center.

  • Please stay and enjoy yourself, but remember that this is a place of learning.

  • Smoking is not permitted in or in front of the center.

  • Snacking is permitted in the lobby. Snacks that will spill or stain are discouraged. Fruit, water & juice boxes are great!

  • Children under 8 must be supervised at all times.

  • Polite and courteous behavior is expected at all times.

  • Please take off your shoes and leave them in the shoe racks before entering the dojo.


  • Students must ask permission before going into the homework room.

  • The homework room is a quiet space. Loud people will be expelled.

  • If you would like to tutor, volunteer! If you would like to be tutored, ask!

  • Snacking is permitted in the homework room. Snacks that will stain or spill are discouraged. Fruit, water & juice boxes are great!

Click here for more information regarding our
homework room & free tutoring services!


  • Children must be supervised when in the play area.

  • Children must be potty trained, have a clean diaper, or have a parent present.

  • Snacks that do not create a mess are allowed. Snacks that produce a lot of crumbs, stain or easily spill are not permitted.

  • No pushing, hitting, screaming or yelling.

  • The play area is only intended to be used by children whose family is taking a class at that time.

  • Current supervisory hours are: Monday 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

  • There is no fee for use of our playroom.

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