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Welcome to Integrity Martial Arts!


Integrity Martial Arts offers a full range of training in the Kempo system that gets you in shape while teaching the valuable skill of self defense! Breakthrough Martial Arts is an on-going course about health, self-defense techniques and personal development just for adults.

We have combined the latest in educational technology, success training, and modern psychology with the wisdom of the east. We put this together with the traditions of martial arts to create our program.

What is Kempo?

The ancient Chinese developed movements to promote flexibility and health. Early martial artists adapted these movements to simultaneously maximize their physical and spiritual well-being. Breakthrough Martial Arts uses these very same concepts to bring to you a complete system which is both effective self defense and has many health benefits.

Kempo is a modern system of movement which combines the strengths of several traditional martial arts. Kempo stylists condition themselves to react with speed, grace and full body power. Kempo teaches how to defend yourself against assailants who grab, punch, kick, or wrestle you.

Learn movements from expert instructors that will have you sweating, smiling, & hitting hard.

Just because you are an expert does not mean you can teach.

All Integrity Martial Arts staff hold advanced degrees in the martial arts and have extensive experience in teaching. Furthermore, all senior instructors are graduates of the Instructors Academy of the Martial Arts, the only martial arts instruction program ever to be approved by the Department Of Higher Education. Students in the academy study teaching techniques based on modern behavioral psychology, leadership, and human development as well as the latest in educational technology to become sophisticated and effective teachers. Our chief instructor, Jonathan Metcalf is one of only ten people in the country with a certificate approved by a board of higher education (meaning it is a real degree).

How do I know if this will work for me?

Breakthrough Martial Arts combines the simple direct movements of Japanese Karate with the subtle and complex movements of Chinese Kung Fu. Breakthrough Martial Arts is multi-dimensional because people are multi-dimensional. Integrity Martial Arts teaches like this because every person is different, not only is everybody unique in personality but every body has its own strengths and weaknesses. Kempo, the way we teach it, works for anyone. The Breakthrough Martial Arts program will make you stronger, faster, and more flexible.

The Breakthrough Program is not about breaking bricks

The best part about Integrity Martial Arts is the people. Each of our staff and students are great people. There is a sense of community here that is almost like family. That is one reason why our programs are so safe. The people here look out for each other. For a sports program, it is extremely safe and does not involve any full contact.


A breakthrough is a dramatic & positive result that will only happen if you commit to a new course of action in your life. It is an outcome which only happens by taking a first step.How much would it be worth if one year from now you were in the best shape you have ever been? How valuable would it be to feel confident and self assured? How would you feel if you were living each day powerfully and felt capable in crises? You deserve that kind of quality of life right now.

Can I just try it first?

Here is your first step if you are ready for a breakthrough: choose one of our programs that works best for you and sign up. Try it for one month. We know you are going to love this program. That is why if you are not totally and completely impressed, if it does not fit into your schedule or budget, if for any reason you choose not to continue within the first thirty days, we will give you your money back.

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