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Integrity Martial Arts is deeply committed to children. That's why we consulted with a team of experts to create the Powerplay program. It's important that children learn to defend themselves, but for most children, self-defense is something that they will hopefully never have to use - but Respect, Self-Discipline and Self-Control are things they can use everyday.

In the Powerplay program, children are allowed to punch, kick, jump, yell, and run! They're allowed to do the things that they generally aren't allowed to do anywhere else. This happens in a structured environment, but the effect of all this freedom and energy is that children LOVE to be in our program. They get great exercise and love to come to class.

The Powerplay program harnesses that excitement to accomplish its primary goal: Character Development. We use the energy used by the movement in class to teach Respect, Self-Discipline and Self-Control. This is done in such a way that it nourishes the child's self-esteem through positive feedback, overcoming challenges, mastering responsibilities and achieving goals. We utilize the latest educational technology to develop these important qualities in children using the most powerful methods available.

For example, we know how powerful peer pressure can be.. It's cited as the leading cause of underage substance abuse. Kids will do something like smoking or drinking, which they know is bad for them, upsets their parents, and breaks the law just to gain the acceptance of their peers!

At Integrity Martial Arts, we use positive peer pressure to accomplish amazing results in children. Imagine a community designed such that showing respect is cool! Let's face it, this is probably the only place in the world where your child can get high-fives from ten of their peers for making their bed! That kind of experience and positive reinforcement has a huge effect on a child. This is just one example of how the Powerplay program uses child psychology to make a difference for every student.

We at Integrity Martial Arts believe that children face real dangers in today's world and that self-defense is a valuable, possibly necessary skill. Therefore, we teach them practical self-defense techniques, emphasizing awareness, de-escalation and avoidance. We are careful to instruct each of our students on what are appropriate and inappropriate uses of force. Integrity Martial Arts' children understand that the goal of self-defense is to prevent harm, not hurt others.

Basically, the Powerplay program uses the punches and kicks as a vehicle for teaching Respect, Self Discipline and Self Control in an environment that nurtures self-esteem. Integrity Martial Arts use the modern breakthroughs in character education and child psychology to develop the most effective system that will work for your child.

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